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Did you know that small businesses that are built on passion and very little business acumen fail quickly?
Did you know that 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months?
According to Bloomberg, 80% of small businesses crash and burn.

Don’t Let This Be You!

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Our Mission

To empower mental health professionals to Launch Purpose-Driven Businesses, Accelerate Profit Growth and Build Financial Freedom.

Our Vision

To establish BAMP as the leading business institution for mental health professionals around the world.


Launch Purpose-Driven Businesses

Accelerate Profit Growth

Build Financial Freedom

Whether you’re still in the idea formation phase or you’ve been in business for years, there is always a need for transformation. Your ability to build a purpose-driven business is rooted in your transformation. BAMP provides education, guidance and support to help you transform so that your business can impact and change the lives of millions of individuals across the country.

Our live webinars, on-demand courses and transformational events are unlike anything on the market. They were created based on adult learning principals, bloom’s taxonomy of learning and are facilitated by social workers and other experts who understand your passion, needs and challenges.

At BAMP, we guide you in developing the knowledge and skills that are necessary for transformation. Through our transformational courses, coaching sessions and events, we help Social Workers launch vulnerable purpose-driven businesses, accelerate profit growth and build financial prosperity.

We provide you with opportunities to expand your knowledge base and skill sets, which in return will enable you to  expand your business. 

As a BAMP student you will:

– Receive expert consultation and coaching
– Learn about resources for your business
– Network with other like-minded professionals
– Receive highly quality training at a competitive price 


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Cognitive Transformation

You may not think of providing social work or counseling services as a business, but in reality, it is. In order for your provision of service to be successful, in order to reach the populations, you want to serve, your social work or counseling business needs to be successful. Being a successful entrepreneur is key. You need access to quality information that will help you transform the way you think about business. Believe it or not, your beliefs shape your business transactions and impacts on your ability to provide services to the populations you want to serve. We will provide you access to that information and help you transform the way you think about business.

You may have a great idea about providing services, but an important question is do you have the ideas and knowledge about how to provide those services within a thriving business? Providing you with the knowledge about business structuring, taxes, marketing, client acquisition and other sound business practices is what we at BASWC will provide to you.

Cognitive transformation is about acquiring and processing information. Therefore, we facilitate knowledge development and attainment. We help you remove mental blocks by enhancing your business knowledge and financial management skill

Affective Transformation

If you struggle with charging clients what you feel that you are worth, then you probably need to transform how you feel about and deal with money.

You may feel bad about accelerating your revenue growth because your passion for helping others is your primary motivation as a social worker in business.

Affective transformation involves gaining a deeper understanding of how your emotions influence your business decisions. Through this process we help you examine your attitude, value-base and motivation for being in business.

Behavioral Transformation

If you desire to build financial prosperity, you must be ready to act. Your level of behavioral change will determine your level of success.

You may have the right mental disposition and are ready to build wealth, but you need encouragement and support to act.

Behavioral transformation is about mindset renewal and shifting. This type of transformation requires that you explore and change your mental disposition and emotional set through practice.

Believe it or not, mindset is not just a mental process. We help you renew and shift your mindset through behavioral reinforcement.

A Purpose-Driven Business

BAMP’s purpose is two-fold. We are committed to helping mental health professionals overcome prosperity guilt and build businesses that can change the world.

Also, our purpose is driven by our passion for serving vulnerable populations such as veterans, service members, African Americans and women. We belief that economic empowerment is a key pillar to social empowerment.

We are dedicated to promoting social justice for individuals who are marginalized and discriminated against based on their lower socioeconomic status.

By strengthening the business skills of social workers and counselors, a primary goal of BASW is to reduce the barriers to quality services so often experienced by vulnerable populations.

After coming home from war, many soldiers face financial, physical, mental, and social issues. Some mental issues include, but are not limited to:1) brain damage, 2) depression and 3) post-traumatic stress disorder and some social issues include economic impoverishment and homelessness.   

African Americans have been marginalized and discriminated against throughout U.S. history and are one of the poorest ethnic groups in America.

Gender inequalities continue to disenfranchise millions of women and as a result a large percentage of women are at greater risk of experiencing financial inequality, depression and domestic violence. 

We are Dedicated to Empowering You

Hi, I’m Dr. Buckingham, Founder of BASWC.

I am an award-winning entrepreneur, multiple business owner, an ICF certifed coach and renowned business consultant. Also, I am the Chief Executive Officer of Buckingham Consulting Group, LLC, founder of the You Deserve More women’s empowerment movement and President of the Empathy and Resilience Center, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3). I have over 25 years of experiences in clinical and community social work and founded my consulting firm in May 2008. I retired from active-duty in September 2021 after serving 22 years of service in the United States Air Force and United States Public Health Service.

I am passionate about helping inspiring and established social entrepreneurs create client-centered-profitable businesses. I’m also extremely committed to helping entrepreneurs “win” in business and has established a successful track record of winning myself. In 2017 I received the distinct destination of DMV Entrepreneur of the Year from Wes Adams’ State’s Attorney Office, Anne Arundel County, Maryland for my work as a community advocate, keynote speaker, resilience guru, author of 18 books, producer of 4 documentaries, real estate owner, janitorial business owner, leadership coach and human services consultant.

My team and I are dedicated to empowering you on your journey toward financial prosperity.

BASW is your ticket to life-changing transformation and financial prosperity.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, a growing small business owner, or a dreamer hoping to start your first business, it pays (literally!) to know what you are doing. While expertise in social work and passion for helping people is certainly valuable to running a successful business, you should become more familiar with fundamental business principals and strategies. Fortunately, in the age advanced technology and online education, there are more options now than ever, with something to meet the needs of every type of entrepreneur and business owner. Looking for entrepreneurial growth and sound business advise? We encourage you to explore the enrollment options below.

In a world where the business stakes keep rising, social workers need a first-class business education.

Welcome to the L.A.B.



  • What is Entrepreneurship for Social Workers? (1 hour)
  • Planning to Succeed: Business Plan Development 101 (1 hour)
  • Social Workers in Business: Serve Clients First, Challenge Social Injustice & Get Better Compensation (6 hours)
  • Money Matters: Ethical Business Practice for Undercompensated Social Workers (3  hours)
  • Service or Servitude: Understanding the Essence of Burnout and Work Dissatisfaction (1 hour)


  • Accelerate Your Marketing: Strategies and Tools for Establishing Your Presence
  • Power of Social Media: How to Leverage Social Media to Attract New Cash Paying Clients
  • Positive Cash flow: Retainer-Based Contracting with Organizations (1 hour)
  • How Build a Successful Client Loyalty Program (1 hour) 6 Monthly
  • Passion to Print: How to Publish a Book in 30 Days That Transforms Lives and Produces Indefinite Passive-income (1 hour)
  • How to Become a Consultant and Accelerate Your Compensation (1 hour)


  • 7 Steps Social Workers and Counselors Must Take to Build Financial Prosperity (1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Small Business, Big Bucks: How to Do Business with the Federal Government (1.5 hours)
  • Business Pitching: How to Secure 6-Figure Contracts
  • Coaching Made Easy: How to Build a 6-Figure Coaching Business

BASW is committed to ensuring that you start your career with the greatest level of success. We want you to have access to information that will help significantly enhance your understanding of the business side of social work. There are numerous business options available to you beyond private practice and group practice.

Join BASW and launch your career with an opportunity to combat social injustices and thrive financially. And to help you succeed, you only pay $115.50 for one year business membership.

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What They Say

Dr. Buckingham is one of the best trainers that I know. I attended his live webinar trainings on Telemental Health and Ethics of Addressing Cultural Competence in Trauma-informed Care on March 26th and March 27th. I love his training style and look forward to attending other trainings offered by Dr. Buckingham. He is really gifted.

- Ashraf (LCSW-C)

Clinical Social Worker

Dr. Buckingham! I wanted to thank you for a very engrossing and engaging workshop on Telemental Health. I graduated UC-Berkeley School of Social Welfare in 1980 and added my Public Policy and journalism degrees afterwards so I always feel like I am straddling several roads. You have thrown me into another direction. I will definitely explore your other course offerings.

- Judith (LCSW-C)

Clinical Social Worker , Private Practice

Dr. Buckingham’s course entitled, “Social Workers in Business” changed my view of social workers in business. Like thousands of social workers, no one taught me how to build or operate a successful and profitable business. This is a must attend course. I am definitely enrolling in BASWC.

- Linda (LCSW-C)

Founder, Acceptance Telemental Health, LLC


So, you are wondering if BASW is right for you?

This is for You If…

  1. You did not receive any business training in undergraduate or graduate school and would like to enhance your Business Acumen
  2. You have a desire to build a client-centered and profitable business
  3. You believe that passion and Profit Growth can co-exist
  4. You are willing to maintain an Open mind and network with like-minded entrepreneurs
  5. You prefer Thriving over surviving
  6. You have a desire to build Financial Prosperity

WHO Should Attend BASW?

BASW was founded to meet the specific business needs of the following professionals:

  1. Licensed Clinical Social Workers
  2. Licensed Professional Counselors
  3. Licensed Mental Health Counselors
  4. Psychologists
  5. Social Workers providing community services
  6. Social Workers providing case management services
  7. Social Workers providing community organizing
  8. You prefer Thriving over surviving
  9. Substance Abuse Counselors
  10. Marriage and Family Therapists
  11. Residential Child Care Professionals
  12. Social Work Graduate Students

We know first-hand what it is like to start and operate a business without sufficient business knowledge and support. Therefore, we are here to serve you.

Don’t see your profession listed here? Email us at baswc20@gmail.com

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the content and your growth potential within the academy, we will refund 100% of your tuition within the first 30 days. No red tape or push back. Just send us an email.



Latest From Our Blog

How do busy social workers like me have time to enroll in courses?

Our courses are presented in two formats for convenience. We offer live courses and on-demand course, which means once they are released each month, you can watch at any time. They are purposefully divided into small segments so that you can access them during your downtime.

Do I have to show up for live sessions to benefit? What if I miss them?

Don’t worry! All live sessions are recorded and stored in our online portal. This will allow you to listen to the recordings at your convenience. 

I’ve been social worker for a while. Will the courses and strategies be new for me?

I understand your concern. I have been in the field for 22 years, but I have only started learning about the business of social work about 11 years ago. Our courses are designed to promote evolution from a business perspective. You will learn new business trends and strategies that will help you renew and shift your mindset.

In a world where the business stakes keep rising, social workers need a first-class business education.

I’m still in the idea formation phase for my business. Is this academy for me?

Most definitely. Our launch track was created for the inspiring entrepreneur. The launch courses will help you gain clarity about your business approach, business structure and everything in between.

Can I earn continuing education credit for enrolling?

Yes! If you signed up for the CEU membership. Our CEU courses are approved by the National Association of Social Workers. You can earn up to 21 Category II Continuing Education Credits. There’s no additional charge for the CEUs. However, you must  complete the modules, take a short quiz, and boom…you get CEUs!

What are some benefits of taking on-line courses?

The primary benefit of taking on-line courses is centered around convenience. You can learn from the comfort of your home or wherever you like. Also, you can build relationships with social workers from around the world as you emerge in engaging dialogue about business matters and social issues. Furthermore, you will have access to Dr. Buckingham and other experts at the push of a button on your computer. Lastly, you will have access to the private Facebook group where you will receive support from Dr. Buckingham and others who are committed to building financial prosperity.

How long do I have access to course modules?

Enrollment in the academy offers you 12-month access to courses. After you complete a course you will receive a certificate and will be able to use the PDFs and resources that you download.  

How does the tuition payment work? Is it a monthly tuition plan?

You can make a one-time payment. If you cannot make a one-time payment, you purchase the courses separately at a higher price.  This option does not include academy benefits.

I like the idea of enrolling in a business academy, but I do not have the tuition to invest at this time.

I totally understand. As social workers and counselors we have not be trained to think about or invest in business ventures. Many of us only invest in CEUs sponsored training. Unfortunately, this behavior has caused many of us to struggle in our businesses from a financial perspective. We have historically been undercompensated for the work that we do. We dedicate our lives to helping others, but often cannot afford the things that will enhance our lives. Given this, I challenge you to think about the return on investment.

By enrolling in the academy, you will gain knowledge and learn strategies for acquiring financial wealth. Stop depriving yourself and invest in you for once. You deserve it and your business will thrive.

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