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7 Steps Social Workers and Counselors Must Take
To Build Financial Prosperity

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I’ll share my 7-step S.U.C.C.E.S.S. model to help you build financial prosperity while providing client-centered services.

In this FREE Webinar Training, You’ll Discover:

  • How to shift your mindset about your value as a helping professional  
  • The importance of using a well-written value proposition to attract your ideal clients
  • The one thing that you must provide to attract and keep clients 
  • How to engage your clients consistently
  • What it takes to clarify your career and financial aspirations so you can TAKE action to achieve them.
  • A proven 7-step success model that builds financial prosperity.


In this FREE Webinar Training, We Will Walk Step-By-Step Through:
  • The 7 steps to building financial prosperity while providing client-centered services
  • Copy of downloadable ebook with the steps outlined.
  • Get clarity regarding career and financial aspirations and TAKE action to achieve your goals.
  • Transform your view about your financial worth.
  • How to move from surviving in business to thriving in business.

Meet Dr. Dwayne Buckingham

I see thousands of social workers and counselors like you who dedicate their lives to providing client-centered services, but struggle to build financial prosperity…


Because they have been taught that building financial prosperity is not possible or should not be the focus of a helping professional. They have been made to feel GUILTY about their desire to make money. 

Here’s the deal: I’ve built a six-figure consulting business that has positively impacted over 10,000 clients around the world.  

I consult with social workers, counselors and other helping professionals on how to build and operate client-centered businesses while also building financial prosperity. 

I’ve successfully built financial prosperity as a social worker and am I dedicated to helping you do the same. 

Join me for this free workshop, and I’ll walk through how you can provide client-centered services while building financial prosperity. You deserve to be properly compensated for delivering client-centered services and I’ll show you how to get what you deserve in this training. 

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