The BASWC Ambassador program was created to recruit individuals to represent the BASWC brand. Brand ambassadors are an extension of the mission and values of the brand. They are crucial to the success of the program. Our ambassadors are responsible for promoting and creating positive experiences for individuals who could benefit from the brand. BASWC ambassadors earn 20% commission on every product that a referred customer purchases and 40% commission on every membership that a referred customer purchase. Also, ambassadors are paid through bartering services.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why Should I Join the BASWC Ambassador Program?

1) Help us spread the word about a worthy cause and earn money doing it.

2) If you have a website with relevant traffic to our products, we can help you monetize your traffic and turn it into profit.

3) Individuals from around the world are choosing to promote our products and the BASWC brand because we produce high-quality products and services.

4) You can generate substantive pass income while you sleep.

5) You send us business and we send you money!

Do I Need a Website to Become an Ambassador?

No, you do not need a website to become an ambassador. We also provide email and text links. You can post on social media or send emails to your colleagues, friends and family.

How does Ambassador Links Work?

It couldn’t be simpler! We’ve streamlined our entire process to ensure ease of use, while still maintaining extremely accurate tracking methods. The process is as follows:

  1. Visitor clicks on your ambassador link on your site or in an email.
  2. Clicking on your link sets a cookie in the visitor’s browser, which expires in 6 months.
  3. Then visitor browses our site, and may decide to order.
  4. If the visitor orders, the order will be registered as a sale for you.
  5. Every product that buyer purchases from our website during the life of their cookie (up to 6 months) will earn you a commission, even if they go back to our site directly later without clicking through your link again.
  6. If you would like to use our BASWC Ambassador Banners/Images on your website to promote our products, pleases download the banners from the back end and place them on your website.

Note: You can request to change your Ambassador commission payout method and schedule; if you have questions about this, please contact us.

How and When Do Ambassadors Get Paid?

We pay out commissions via PayPal on a monthly lump-sum basis sometime in the month after the completed calendar month when commissions were earned. For example, commission earnings for sales in January would be paid by the 5th of February. Must sign up for a PayPal account, so we will be able to pay you easily.

Minimum payout is $100 and you have to refer minimum two separated customers.

How Do I join the Ambassador Program?

  1. Sign up for a PayPal account so you can get paid
  2. To complete the sign-up form click the “Sign up” link above.
  3. You will receive an email with login/registration information

Please contact us at 240-280-1008 or send an email to rhcs@realhorizonsdlb.com com if you have any questions.

We Look forward to you joining our team!
Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham