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Launching and operating a private practice, group practice or consulting business is not an easy accomplishment. We know that launching and operating a business can
be exciting, but also stressful and overwhelming at times. Given this, we offer
business coaching to help you make key business decisions such as how to launch a business, how to structure your business, how to secure capital for your business,
how to market your business, how to scale your business and more importantly how
to sustain your business by making it profitable.

Business Coaching

– Guidance with starting or scaling a business.
– Support with developing SMART business goals.
– Advice to maximum your entrepreneurial gift.
– Support so you can win in business.

We all have to start somewhere and where we begin our careers often influence our quality of life and job satisfaction. Selecting and working in the right career is one of the most important decisions of adulthood. According to research, only 52.3% of Americans are satisfied with their job. Given this, we help professionals and students develop clear career goals and identify essential career resources. Through our career coaching services you will develop skills to help you know yourself better and understand the world of social work.

Career Coaching

– Starting a Social Work Career
– Would like to Change Careers
– Feel Stuck in Your Career
– Looking to Get a Promotion or Raise

Dr. Dwayne L. Buckingham,  CEO, Buckingham Consulting Group, LLC

Dr. Buckingham is an ICF certified coach, award-winning entrepreneur, multiple 6-figure business owner and renowned consultant. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Buckingham Consulting Group, LLC, founder of the You Deserve More women’s empowerment movement and President of the Empathy and Resilience Center, a nonprofit 501 (c) (3). Dr. Buckingham has over 25 years of experiences in clinical and community social work and founded his consulting firm in 2008. He retired from active-duty on September 1, 2021 after serving 22 years of service in the United States Air Force and United States Public Health Service.

He is passionate about helping inspiring and established social entrepreneurs create client-centered-profitable businesses. He’s also extremely committed to helping entrepreneurs “win” in business and has established a successful track record of winning himself. In 2017 he received the distinct destination of DMV Entrepreneur of the Year from Wes Adams’ State’s Attorney Office, Anne Arundel County, Maryland for his work as a community advocate, keynote speaker, resilience guru, author of 18 books, producer of 4 documentaries, real estate owner, janitorial business owner, relationship coach and organizational training consultant.

Business & Career Coaching Expertise:     Consulting Business Start-up and Scaling     Telemental Health Practice Start-up and Scaling     Business Development and Growth   Income Diversification (consulting, coaching, book publishing, documentary production, affiliate, etc.)     Workshop facilitation and Adult Learning Training     Speaking for Pay   Start a Social Work or Counseling Career  Feel Stuck in Your Social Work Career   Looking to Get a Promotion or Raise

Dionne M. Brown-Bushrod, LCSW-C, Owner, Prosperity Redefined, LLC

Intrigue in mental health and social conflict, Dionne founded Prosperity Redefined in July 1998 and quickly acquired over 39 new clients. To date, Dionne has served over 700 clients in her private practice.

Dionne believes that her success as business owner is a result of superb networking, quality clinical treatment and keen attention to administrative details.

She is on a mission to help fellow social workers and counselors reshape prosperity and peace for themselves and their clients. Dionne knows first-hand what it means to build a business from scratch without guidance. She used her wealth of experience as a clinician, clinical consultant, clinical director, presenter/ trainer, field instructor, and clinical social work supervisor to propel her business to the next level. Dionne helps her clients change their perspective and focus on what matters.

Business Coaching Expertise:     Private Practice Start-up and Scaling     Prosperity Development and Growth     Training  

Indira Harris, LCSW-C, BCD, Chief of Behavioral Health Unit, Department of Homeland Security

Indira serves as Chief, Behavioral Health Unit within the Department of Homeland Security where she is responsible for supervising five behavioral health consultants and planning, directing coordinating, and evaluating all of the behavioral health services for the agency. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Board Certified Diplomate (BCD) with over 17 years clinical, management, and leadership experience working with children, families, groups, and communities in Florida and around the United States.

She is a Miami native and received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Florida State University, where she studied psychology and clinical social work, respectively.

Ms. Harris is currently a PhD student at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and studying Health Science. Throughout her clinical practice with children, adolescents, and adults, she has integrated mindfulness and meditation techniques to increase the coping skills, emotional and mental stability, and resilience of those she served.

Ms. Harris is a lifelong practitioner of meditation and yoga and these practices have significantly enhanced her emotional well-being and inner resilience.

Career Coaching Expertise:     Starting a Social Work Career      Would like to Change Careers     Feel Stuck in Your Career     Looking to Get a Promotion or Raise


BASW coaches have the responsibility of:

  •  Informing entrepreneurs of the nature of the coach relationship.
  •  Helping entrepreneurs clarify and develop realistic business goals/plans.
  •  Assisting entrepreneurs in developing a business consistent with their abilities and interests.
  •  Monitoring entrepreneurs’ progress toward business goals.
  •  Discussing and reinforce linkages and relationships between business aspirations and resources (e.g., capital, skill set, support and time).
  •  Discussing business tracks (e.g., launch, accelerate, build).
  •  Maintaining a coaching file for each entrepreneur.
  •  Referring entrepreneurs when their business needs and desires require assistance by other BASW professionals.
  •  Assist coaching clients in identifying business growth opportunities.
  •  Developing a caring relationship with entrepreneurs.
  •  Informing entrepreneurs of resources available to them for growth, development and prosperity.
  •  Keeping scheduled advising appointments.


Coachee have the responsibility of:

  •  Keeping scheduled appointments and being prompt for sessions.
  •  Making payments on time.
  •  Completing homework assignments.
  •  Being responsive to coaches’ recommendations.
  •  Demonstrating a willingness to listen and take action to ensure growth.
  •  Eliminating excuses for business stagnation.
  • Embracing challenges for emotional growth from a business perspective.
  •  Committing to the coach and advisee relationship.
  •  Arranging their schedule to ensure that adequate time is given to develop their business.
  •  Seeking advice, conducting research and implementing suggestions.

Coaching Services

20 Minute Consulting Session

This session is designed to educate you about the coaching process and to determine how we can best serve you. At the conclusion of the session you will be advised on next steps.

Three Month Coaching Package

This package was designed to provide individualized guidance to inspiring entrepreneurs on a weekly basis. All things business will be discussed with your advisor to include, but not limited to launching a business, business planning, business structuring, marketing, client acquisition, revenue growth and financial prosperity.

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Your coach will meet with you for a one-hour one-to-one session via Zoom or telephone conferencing.

Sessions will address questions and/or challenges ranging from launching a business to scaling and everything in between.

If you have specific questions and desire customized guidance as an inspiring or new social entrepreneur, our two-month package is ideal for you.

12 sessions/55 minutes per week – $1,500.00

Monthly payment of $500 or One Time Payment of $1,300.00

Student 12 sessions/55 minute rate – $1,080.00
Monthly payment of $90.00 or One Time Payment of $900

Individualized Business Coaching

One-to-one individualized advising sessions were designed for inspiring and established entrepreneurs who require occasional guidance regarding operational effectiveness, revenue growth strategies, marketing, profit generation, personnel issues, scaling and other common business challenges.

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Your coach will meet with you for a 55 minutes one-to-one session via Zoom or telephone conferencing.

55-minut session – $135

Student rate: 55-minutes – $80

Non-member rate: $155

Group Coaching Session

Group advising sessions were designed for inspiring and established entrepreneurs who have their own goals, but would like to network with individuals who may be in similar phases in their idea formation or business. Individuals benefit from peer learning with others and the collective wisdom of the group.

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Your coach will meet with you for a 60 minute group session via telephone or video conferencing.

1 hourly session – $60 per person

Non-member rate: $75

Individualized Career Coaching

One-to-one individualized career coaching sessions were designed for professionals and graduate students who require guidance regarding their future career paths in social work.

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Your coach will meet with you for a 55 minutes one-to-one session via Zoom or telephone conferencing.

55-minute session – $135

Student rate: 55-minutes – $80

Non-member rate: $155

What Next?


  1. Schedule your  20-minute consultation with a BASW coach.
  2. Check your email for an appointment confirmation.
  3. Upon completion of your 20-minute consultation, you can purchase and book your sessions.

*Note: If you purchase the coaching package, all sessions must be completed within three months.

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