Our Purpose 

Our Mission

                             To empower social workers and counselors to                                 Launch purpose-driven businesses, Accelerate profit growth and Build financial prosperity.

Our Vision

To establish BASW as the leading business institution for social workers from around the world.

The 4 Pillars of BASW

Ethical Business Practices

BASW will reinforce compliance with the NASW Code of Ethics and ACA Code of ethics.

Direct Philanthropic Giving

BASW will support philanthropic initiatives that include the donation of time, money and resources to charities and organizations that positively impact vulnerable populations.

Economic Empowerment

BASW will empower historically disadvantaged and marginalized populations by teaching them how to engage in economic activity that benefits them and the broader society.

Social Corporate Responsibility

BASW will advocate for Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and collaborate with companies who improve society through a variety of efforts ranging from donating money to nonprofits to supporting economic empowerment initiatives.