The Business of Social Work: What Undergraduate and Graduate School Did not Teach You about Business.

Posted on Jun 1, 2020

By BASWC Academy

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Social workers and counselors often receive six or more years of training in undergraduate and graduate education programs. These programs often include hands on training, called internships and guided support, called group supervision. However, even with the years of training these programs too often fall short of equipping helping professionals on the steps necessary to build successful businesses.

Here’s a brief list of some of the necessary training needed that isn’t provided in these traditional academic tracks for helping professionals:

  1. Career Exploration of high paying social work and counselor jobs. There simply are more opportunities beyond being a college professor, psychiatrist or upper management in agency work.
  2. Business Acumen such as knowing the basics of planning and strategy for business success. Helping professionals aren’t often familiar with business plans, SWOT analysis and determining business factors such as, opportunity cost.
  3. Client Acquisition through understanding effective networking, marketing and branding strategies. Determining effective ways to share the value of the services you provide helping you to be the top choice amongst competitors.
  4. How to build a team to prevent burnout. Helping professionals often make the mistake of being everything to everyone. Learning how to build a team and use systems to automate processes is important in business success and in burnout prevention.

As helping professionals, all too often we are employed by agencies that pay very little, deteriorate our sense of work life balance and some even conflict with our ethical values. Through the BASWC Academy, helping professionals have the opportunity to create a career that they love by gaining the strategies and business acumen needed for success.

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