Why BASWC enrollment should not be optional for Social Workers and Counselors!

Posted on May 18, 2020

By BASWC Academy

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You entered the social work/counseling field because of one main reason: you want to help others. You want your contribution to the world to be significant by making a real difference. However, what you may not have realized at the beginning of your career, is the steep cost that comes with being in this field long-term.

How many colleagues do you know that feel overworked and underpaid? Several! There is a common experience of feeling depleted due to the continuous assigned high-risk cases, long hours and stacks of notes required. You never wanted to be the person who didn’t practice what they preached, helping others to your own detriment. Not only can your colleagues relate to this, but you hold these same concerns about not only your clients’ wellness but your own. We’ve seen plenty social workers and counselors leaving the profession just to avoid continuously being burnout by a profession they love. You don’t have to! The Business Academy for Social Workers and Counselors is the bridge you’ve been hoping for.

Why should every social worker and counselor join this academy?

It’s much more than online CEUs. It’s a movement to give social workers and counselors more options to serve with integrity and excellence without compromising on compensation or quality of life. The BASWC Academy will not only provide the online CEUs you need, but it will give you the tools you need pursue career opportunities in the social work/counseling field that allow for great impact, work/life balance and compensation that you deserve. The BASWC Academy was created with your success in mind. For those needing personalized support, our program also provides coaching from the BASWC Academy Advisors.

Don’t continue feeling stuck in your career. Stop feeling frustrated about being underpaid for what you do. No longer make the excuse that this is how it is in our field. Practice what you preach! Invest in your future. The BASWC Academy is ready to help you. Sign up today!

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